The Queens are Coming

Ginger Kelly holding f3 of breeder queen #73. Our queens are adapted to our local environment and long winters.

Our fearless granddaughter holding a queen in a queen clip cage

Spring is almost here. I can smell it in the chilly air. I can feel it in the on bright sunny days. I can hear the different sounds of spring. This means that soon, we will be in a flurry of activity. Soon, it will be queen rearing season. We have a few beautiful queens and colonies who will make handsome suitors (drones) very soon. They have made it through the long winter dearth. They have weathered the storms of life and death. They have shown amazing disease resistance and resilience. Those will be chosen to raise more queens who will also be of noble birth. We have an isolated mating apiary. Our isolated mating apiary helps us to insure to the best quality queens. To the best of our ability, our queens maintain the desired traits we strive for like the ability to overwinter, local adaptability, mite resistance, longevity and gentleness. Very soon, we will be extremely busy planting, taking care of bees, rearing queens and brooding chicks. Like the bees, we strive for excellence in everything we do. Like the bees, we are gearing up, getting excited and getting ready. Spring is in the air.